Apr 12, 2012

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“One Sony” Initiative Looks to Games for Company Success

“One Sony” Initiative Looks to Games for Company Success

The 2011 fiscal year has not been kind to Sony. The electronics manufacturer is projecting a record loss of $6.4 billion dollars, nearly twice its initial projection. Recently appointed CEO Kaz Hirai has a plan to turn things around. Dubbed “One Sony”, the realignment effort will concentrate on minimizing losses and turning a profit through focus on the company’s three core strengths: games, mobile, and digital imaging. Gamer should be pleased by this news: Sony will be aggressively expanding its catalog of digital games for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita and offering additional incentives for subscriptions services like PlayStation Plus and Music/Video Unlimited.

With regards to mobile platforms, Sony hopes to bring more exciting and innovative game content to its Sony Tablet and Vaio devices. Finally, by expanding the lineup of devices compatible with PlayStation Suite, Sony is shooting for $12.4 billion of revenue from their games division by fiscal year 2014.

Unfortunately, the “One Sony” initiative will come at a cost: approximately 10,000 jobs will be cut throughout fiscal year 2012 to fuel realignment.

Thanks to Gamasutra.