Apr 12, 2012

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Legend of Dragoon Jumps to PSN May 1

Legend of Dragoon Jumps to PSN May 1

Old-school RPG fans were given some exciting news yesterday courtesy of Sony Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida. Yoshida announced via the official PlayStation Blog that The Legend of Dragoon, a four-disc PlayStation RPG with cult classic status, will be re-released as a PSone Classic on the PlayStation Store. Starting May 1, the game can be purchased for $9.99 (the standard for high-demand digital PSone games).

Yoshida also described what it was like to work as producer on the game for Japan Studio. As one of his last projects with the team, Yoshida managed over 100 people, many of whom were selected in 1996 during preparations for Ape Escape, The Legend of Dragoon, and eventual PS2 hit Ico. Apparently, it was quite the undertaking:

During the peak of the game’s development, we had well over 100 people working internally in the studio on The Legend of Dragoon — for a PSone game! We had roughly 10 artists dedicated just to drawing concept art for this gigantic RPG. As the game contained lots of pre-rendered maps and full-motion videos, we were forced to spread the content over four CDs, which was the maximum number of discs that the fattest PSone game case could hold. It took nearly three years to build the team and develop the game, which was released in December 1999 in Japan and June 2000 in the US.

Yoshida went on to state that The Legend of Dragoon 2 was once a real thing, conceived as a sequel to the original after Yoshida left the studio, but later cancelled for unknown reasons. The original Legend of Dragoon team was soon disseminated to other projects.

If you hold any hope for a Legend of Dragoon sequel, show it with your wallet. The Legend of Dragoon arrives on the PlayStation Store May 1.