Apr 10, 2012

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Sony Terminates Qore Digital Magazine

Sony Terminates Qore Digital Magazine

Sony has announced via newsbrief that digital magazine Qore, a mainstay of the PlayStation Network since 2008, has been discontinued.

The digital magazine offered exclusive news, previews, trailers, and more to both paid subscribers and free-access PlayStation Plus members. Qore was also known for periodically offering exclusive demos, themes, and the like. Future Publishing, the entity behind the magazine’s production, has declined to comment on the reason for cancellation.

Qore’s termination may point to a greater initiative on Sony’s part to streamline and re-focus the PlayStation Store, of which a makeover was promised several months ago. Little to no information has been given on a potential redesign since it was first mentioned by Sony’s Greg Belloni in November of last year.

Thanks to Gamasutra.