Apr 6, 2012

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MMO Shooter “Defiance” Coming to PS3

MMO Shooter “Defiance” Coming to PS3

With hyper-ambitious MMOFPS Dust 514 coming soon to the PlayStation 3, you might think that another massively-multiplayer shooter is the last thing PS3 needs right now. Trion Worlds thinks otherwise. The studio made famous for massively-multiplayer games like Rift and End of Nations announced via the official PlayStation Blog that their next game, an MMOFPS titled Defiance, will be coming soon to the PS3. Senior Producer Rob Hill had this to share:

For those that don’t know, Defiance is the first persistent online world that plays like a pixel perfect shooter. Unlike other shooter games where you can play co-op with 4 or 8 players at most, Defiance supports thousands of players playing together in a game that never ends. And if that doesn’t raise your eyebrows just a bit, the world of Defiance exists not only in the game, but in a TV series of the same name that will air on the Syfy channel. The game and show will change and evolve together, to create an entertainment experience unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

No pricing or release details were given, and it’s not clear whether Defiance will be a digital release or Blu-Ray title. Seeing as the title might rise and fall with the success of the tie-in TV series, this project might see very interesting developments post-release. When we hear more, we’ll be sure to let you readers know.