Apr 5, 2012

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Study: Teens Losing Interest In Traditional Gaming, Prefer Social/Mobile Gaming

Study: Teens Losing Interest In Traditional Gaming, Prefer Social/Mobile Gaming

A new survey of high school students by analyst firm Piper Jaffray shows that teens are preferring to game on mobile devices and social networks over traditional gaming with consoles. The survey says that many of the respondents place a high emphasis on the importance of feeling connected to their friends and that traditional games lack the features that keep them connected. The lack of social features make traditional gaming feel like “a waste of time” for teenagers while social and mobile games feel more productive.

Out of the 5,600 respondents, 65.9 percent of them said that they were losing interest in playing video games compared to the 63.5 percent the year before. However, 66.2 percent of teens shared that they are willing to play titles on their mobile devices. This is up from the 34.4 percent back in Spring of last year. 25.3 percent state that they play games on social sites such as Facebook; which is slightly lower than the number last year, however is higher than the 18.3 percent from fall of last year. An interesting note is how 92.8 of the social gaming teens are not willing to pay for virtual items, up from the 80.5 percent from six months ago.

As a result to these numbers, Piper Jaffray is cautioning investors from betting on traditional console gaming.

“We expect traditional packaged goods game sales to continue a decline during the next two years as gamers shift to digital offerings.

“While a console refresh in 2013 or 2014 will breathe new life into the industry, the new systems will face unprecedented competition from tablets, smartphones, and connected TVs. We expect growing middle classes and rising Internet penetration rates in emerging markets, particularly Latin America, Eastern Europe, and Asia-Pacific to partially offset competition from tablets and smartphones.”

Piper Jaffray does also say that 53 percent of teens would be more interested in downloading full titles to their consoles. This is up from the 45.8 percent last year and 25.9 percent 18 months ago. 36.1 percent of teens surveyed also said that they would be willing to pay a flat monthly fee for an on-demand gaming service such as OnLive, which is an increase from 34.3 percent last year.

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