Apr 4, 2012

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Indie Game Developers Earned Some Major Cash in 2011

Indie Game Developers Earned Some Major Cash in 2011

According to the Game Developer’s 2011 Game Industry Salary Survery, indie game developers earned a lot more money than they did the previous year. The survey was featured in Game Developer.

Salaries more than doubled for the independent developer, up from $11,379 in 2010 to $23,549 in 2011. Some other developers that were member of development teams, made even more money in 2011, averaging $38, 239.

Some other interesting facts include the fact that indie games made more money than the previous year as well. Forty-eight percent of developers made less than five hundred dollars from the sale of their game, which went down from fifty-five percent compared to 2010. Sixteen percent of developers made over $60,000 in 2011 against eight percent in 2010.

While these numbers are still small in comparison to the large studios, with the proliferation of digital downloads and mobile gaming, now may be the best time for indie developers.

[Source: Gamasutra]