Apr 4, 2012

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Google Working on Augmented Reality Glasses

Google Working on Augmented Reality Glasses

Earlier this year we saw some rumors that Google was working on some kind of Heads Up Display (HUD) technology. Today, they confirmed that they are indeed working on this tech, calling it “Project Glass.”

They released a video showing a man going about his day, all in first person, from waking up to hanging out with his friends.

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The augmented-reality glasses seemed to be self aware, displaying a variety of options. For example, a friend sent him a text message, so he responded by voice as he was eating and sent it off. When looking outside, an icon displayed, showing the weather as well a forecast for rain. Later in the video it showed him looking up a map indoors to find the music section for a book he was looking for. Some other interesting things shown in the video were the built-in camera, as well as the man having a video call, using the cameras to share what he’s seeing.

This is all very cool looking, but the question is, when can I have one?

[Source: ArsTechnica]