Apr 3, 2012

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Fix-It-Up 80′s: Meet Kate’s Parents Review

Fix-It-Up 80′s: Meet Kate’s Parents Review

Time management games are nothing new to mobile devices. Each week, iOS owners can find quite a few new ones released. Most normally don’t hold your attention long enough to warrant even the 99 cent price tag. G5 Entertainment hopes to combine time management with a trip to the 80′s as Kate listens to her father reminsice about the days when he and Kate’s mom ran car lots in various locations. Is this blast from the past totally kick ass or just some wannabe?

Those who were born and grew up in the 80′s will instantly recognize the setting and feel of Fix-It-Up 80′s: Meet Kate’s Parents. The story is one of a couple’s dream to one day own their very own auto repair shop during the above time period. As with most people, they start out by working for a rather stindgy boss. Moving their way up the ranks and to new locations, Kate’s parents add more services to the shops they work at.

The artwork for this title fits well with its intended theme. The colors are bright and really stand out. It’s cartoonish but not overly done. Also, the background music works great with the overall style and nature of Fix-It-Up 80′s: Meet Kate’s Parents. One thing I do have to say that bugged me was how cramped the car lots felt on the small iPod Touch screen. I believe that the larger iPad one would make for a better choice.

The gameplay isn’t too difficult to get the hang of. If you’ve played just about any time management game, then this will be second nature to you. The first couple stages serve as a tutorial for new gamers. You start out with a bit of money that is used to purchase used vehicles that you then need to repair. Once your workers have repaired the car, you can then do one of the following options, if available: Paint, Mod, or Sell. Cars that aren’t sold will sit in the lot and collect rent. To keep things interesting, you will receive orders from some iconic customers (for example, a man who bears a really huge resemblance to Doc from the Back to the Future movie series). Most times these orders will require you to fix the customer’s car and then you are rewarded with a large payment. However, those cars don’t collect rent if you have to park them in the lot until you get enough spare parts. To complete a stage, you have to accomplish all goals given to you. The better you do, the higher score you get. There is no real time limit per stage.

Due to the lack of a time limit (other than if you are aiming to score gold on each stage), it is possible to lose track of time when you play. When I first started to play the title, I had assumed that the game would be one of those completed within an hour or two. This is not the case, as I have put in over four hours. Fix-It-Up 80′s: Meet Kate’s Parents can be played in short bursts or you can try to play through it in one sitting. Once you beat the title, there isn’t too much to do when going through the story part of the game. Luckily, there is a free play mode in which you can play at your own leisure. This mode is the one to go for if you enjoy time management games without the sense of being pushed for time.

Overall, Fix-It-Up 80′s: Meet Kate’s Parents is a great title. Fans of the genre will have fun with it. Despite being the recent entry in the Fix-It-Up series, the title serves well to introduce newcomers to the series as well as add more to those who have played the other entries. It is available in the App Store for free though if you want to get the full experience, it will cost $2.99 to unlock the complete game. At that price, it is a must-buy if you like cars, the 80′s, and/or time management games. You can find the iPhone version here and the iPad one here.

Fix-It-Up 80's: Meet Kate's Parents
Platform: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch (reviewed)
Genre: Time Management
Release Date: March 22, 2012
Developer: G5 Entertainment
Publisher: G5 Entertainment
ESRB Rating: 4+
MSRP: Free; $2.99 to unlock full game