Apr 3, 2012

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Android May Over Take Windows By 2016

Android May Over Take Windows By 2016

In a report released last week, the International Data Corporation stated that Microsoft may lose to mobile computing. And the mobile OS most likely to do it is Android.

By 2016, Android could come out on top, growing from 29.4% to 31.1%. During this time, iOS will also grow from 14.6% to 17.3%. The numbers for Android are so high because of the huge number of devices that use the OS, including the recently released Kindle Fire.

In some other interesting bits of info, the IDC reports that during 2011, 916 million “smart-connected devices” were shipped, generating $489 billion dollars worth of revenue. The number of shipped items by the end of 2012 will increase to 1 billion, with that number increasing to 1.84 billion by 2016.

This report comes on the heals that some developers are concerned of how Windows 8 will affect the future of PC gaming, and increasing numbers of tablet gaming.

[Source: RedOrbit]