Mar 31, 2012

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NIS America Announces New Game Titles

NIS America Announces New Game Titles

This past Friday, NIS America announced three new video game titles that will be launching later this year and next. All three are exclusive for the PlayStation 3 console. Included in the announcement is also the news of two new anime series.

The Witch and the Hundred Knights is an action RPG that follows the story of two witches whom have battled for over a century. With the unleashing of the legendary Dark Knights by the Swamp Witch, it’s up to the Forest Witch to survive the onslaught. Some of the title’s features include a plethora of ways to customize your 100-man army and the ability to equip up to five weapons in order to boost your combo abilities. Look for The Witch and the Hundred Knights early next year.

Mugen Souls is set to be released this fall. The SRPG features a free-roam battle map and turn-based combat. In Mugen Souls, there are seven shimmering, colorful worlds within a small galaxy. Each world has developed greatly and is able to thrive independently of each other until one day when the undisputed goddess Chou-Chou decrees that she aims to make everything bow to her. Customization looks to play an important role in the game as you are able to create a full cast of characters with their own facial expressions, body parts, and job classes.

Those who are looking for more of a dungeon-crawling experience will only need to wait until August of this year for Legasista. You can create a team of up to three characters to explore the randomly generated dungeons of the Ivy Tower, all which offer plenty of loot and experience. Not only can you customize characters by personalities but also from uploading images from your PS3. Weapons can be customized as well, in order to offer a completely unique experience for each player.

For the anime lovers among us, NIS America is bringing over the complete series of anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day and Volume 3 Premium Edition of kimi ni todoke -From Me to You-. Both animes will come with a hardcover artbook and other bonus features such as the clean openings. You can order both series from NIS America’s online store for $69.99 each. The release date for both is July 3, 2012.

[Source: NIS America]