Mar 29, 2012

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Two Key Figures Leave thatgamecompany as Journey Sets Record

Two Key Figures Leave thatgamecompany as Journey Sets Record

thatgamecompany’s latest artistic vision is the PSN exclusive Journey, an interactive parable that is being lauded by critics as one of the year’s best games. However, the studio that previously developed digital hits Fl0w and Flower is also losing two important members today. Co-founder and President Kellee Santiago and Executive Producer Robin Hunicke both announced their departures from the small indie team this morning. Hunicke will be joining Katamary Damacy developer Tiny Speck while Santiago spreads her wings elsewhere. On her departure, Santiago told Gamasutra:

After doing these three games, I think it was a really great opportunity for all of us to look at what we’ve learned and what I’ve taken from that experience, and go forth and take it into new arenas . . . On top of that, founding a company whose explicit goal was to do new types of game development really allowed me to be able to try out new processes for game development, to try out new ideas . . . My hope is that I can take what I’ve learned and use it to support more teams, more projects… and really, hopefully, help in accelerating the growth of video games as a medium.

Co-Founder and Creative Director Jenova Chen is still at the helm of thatgamecompany, a team that is already at work on its next project. And it’s no small wonder that a new project is in the works: Journey is officially the fastest-selling PlayStation Network game of all time in North America. Chen made the announcement on the PlayStation Blog this morning, where he also revealed that the game’s full soundtrack, composed by Austin Wintory, will be available on PSN and iTunes April 10.