Mar 28, 2012

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XSEED Games to Publish Unchained Blades in North America

XSEED Games to Publish Unchained Blades in North America



XSEED Games announces today that they will be bringing the RPG/dungeon-crawler Unchained Blades over to North America for both the PSP and 3DS. Originally released last summer in Japan as UnchainBlades ReXX, is a role-playing title set in a world full of monsters.

The title follows the story of a dragon emperor named Fang who was stripped of his powers by a goddess. He sets out on a journey not only to regain his powers and form but to extract revenge of Clunea, the goddess who took that all away from him. Along his travels, he meets with twelve other mythical beings who are also seeking a meeting with the goddess.

One thing that really piques my interest in the title is the amount of talent working behind the scenes and how each of the thirteen characters were created by a different artist. This collaborated style means that no two characters are alike. Such names include Pako, whom is most famous for his work with the Shining Force series, and Toshiyuki Kubooka, famous for the Lunar series. The characters are not the only part of the title that is being collaborated. While the title’s story was penned by Grandia veteran Takashi Hino, it was directed by Toshio Akashi of the Lunar series.

Unchained Blades is still in production at this time but is set to be released as a digital download for both the PSP and 3DS in 2012. Stay tuned with us as we bring more information about the title in the upcoming months.

[Source: XSEED Games]