Mar 28, 2012

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Atlus Holding A “ReVITAlized” PSN Price Drop Event

Atlus Holding A “ReVITAlized” PSN Price Drop Event

Whereas many other digital PSP titles available in the PSN Store have seen price drops, those published by Atlus had remained at full MSRP since their release. Yesterday’s PSN update has shown that those titles now also are at lower prices. And Atlus sent out an email to the Faithful letting them know of the “ReVITAlized” PSN price drop event.

A few of the titles and how much lower the prices are included all three of the PSP ports of the highly popular JRPG series Shin Megami Tensei: Persona. Both Persona and Persona 3 Portable are priced at $19.99 while last year’s Persona 2: Innocent Sin is only $29.99. But if these titles aren’t the ones you’ve been waiting, you can also pick up titles like Riveria: The Promised Land and Kenka Bancho Badass Rumble, priced at $9.99 and $14.99 respectively.

This price drop comes at a good time for those who might have been hesitant on replacing their PSP with a Vita due to the many UMDs they own. Or perhaps you had been holding out, like myself, to purchase digital copies of the titles to play on their Vita due to how it was a lot cheaper to purchase UMDs of each. Either way, I forecast a lot of wallets being drained in order to nab these great titles.