Mar 23, 2012

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Wheels of Destruction 4th Vehicle Class Revealed

Wheels of Destruction 4th Vehicle Class Revealed

Reverb Games today revealed the fourth car class for their upcoming PSN-exclusive Wheels of Destruction. The Soilder class, this car is the “Master of All.”

The Soilder class is great for all situation. It’s a well-rounded class thats fast enough to track down the missing flag, strong enough to withstand attacks and has just enough fire power to go on the offensive. This vehicle definitely seems like a nice entry class for anyone who isn’t used to the genre.

This is the fourth of five classes available in Wheels of Destruction. Click here to check out the three previously revealed classes. Check out the new Soldier trailer here:

YouTube Preview Image

Wheels of Destruction is set to release on March 27 on PSN. Stay tuned for the final class, and click here to find out more about the upcoming PSN exclusive.

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