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Mar 23, 2012

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GameStop Says Next Xbox Will Play Used Games

According to Paul Raines, the CEO of Gamestop, he finds it “unlikely” that the next generation console from Microsoft will limit access to used games.

“We think it’s unlikely that there would be that next-gen console [that blocks used games] because the model simply hasn’t been proven that it works.”

In a rumor back in January, I wrote that the Xbox may not have the capacity to play used games. But I also pointed out that cutting out the used market entirely is not a good thing. Most retailers are seeing extra revenue from used game sales, and for Gamestop it is its primary source of income. For Microsoft to eliminate the use of used games on its next system would be killing the system before it arrived. No retailer would want to carry a system that eliminates a profit line for them.

I think back to the launch of the PSPGo, which is strictly a digital download system only. The system was initially not going to be sold in Gamestop, because the retailer had no way of making a profit off of the system outside of the hardware. Sony had to compensate by offering digital sales cards to Gamestop just to keep the PSPGo on store shelves.

However true this may be, Raines also mentioned that a move to a digital-only platform for the next Xbox would be risky, and that Gamestop has plans for its own digital platform.

Time will only tell at this point what the new Xbox will entail.

[Source: Kotaku

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