Mar 21, 2012

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Free Apps Drain Your Battery Faster

Free Apps Drain Your Battery Faster

Purdue University has developed an app that has determined that free apps drain battery far faster than other apps on your phone. Apparently most of the processing power is taken up by ads when running said app.

The university tested this by running Angry Birds on a myTouch 3G and a Nexus One. The game itself only takes up about 18% of the power, but 45%  is used by the ad service Flurry and 15% to the GPS tracking. The leader of the project, Abhinav Pathak, lays the blame at poorly coded apps. He believes they just need to be more power efficient.

Pathak is now working with Microsoft to bring the app to Windows Phone, so perhaps we will see a similar report soon regarding how apps handle battery drain in Windows Phone devices.

[Source: Engadget]