Mar 20, 2012

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New Game Legislation Proposes Warning Labels on All Games

New Game Legislation Proposes Warning Labels on All Games

A new bipartisan bill moving through Congress has proposed the inclusion of warning labels on the sale of video games in North America. Dubbed the Violence in Video Games Labeling Act H.R. 4204, the act would seek to raise awareness among parents and consumers with the following message: “WARNING: Exposure to violent video games has been linked to aggressive behavior.” On physical game copies, the warning would be placed in a conspicuous location on the box while also being made apparent in some capacity for digital sales. Virginia representative and bill co-sponsor Frank Wolf said:

Just as we warn smokers of the health consequences of tobacco, we should warn parents — and children — about the growing scientific evidence demonstrating a relationship between violent video games and violent behavior.

The Entertainment Software Association responded to this proposition by citing misdirected science and causal exaggeration as the basis for such claims, and reminding those concerned that similar legislation has been repeatedly defeated since 2002. Still, the issue brings to light concerns over the well-documented correlation between violent media and aggressive behavior while highlighting the need for a causal source. Unfortunately for lawmakers, that scientific zenith often remains out-of-reach.

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