Mar 20, 2012

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Microsoft Working on Gaming Helmet

Microsoft Working on Gaming Helmet

According a recently surfaced patent, Microsoft could be working on the next big thing in hardware. They did it with a video camera, the Kinect. And now it seems this is another variant of video technology. They want to have you gaming in front of your face.

They would either put this in a helmet or perhaps a a pair glasses, and project the image some 21 inches away from your face, as opposed up close where you could practically see nothing. These projectors would be transparent, and while you play you would be able to see around your environment.

We have already seen this type of tech supposedly in the news. Google is supposedly working on a set of glasses that would give you a HUD (Heads Up Display) of your surroundings. The question is, how real is this technology? And if it does come to fruition, how would you game with said device?

[Source: Wired]