Mar 16, 2012

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Microsoft To Debut Next Xbox In 2013 At Earliest

Microsoft To Debut Next Xbox In 2013 At Earliest

According to an article recently released by Bloomberg, Microsoft is planning to extend their current generation’s Xbox 360 lifecycle at least until 2013, implying that we won’t see the next Xbox anytime soon. The Xbox 360 had its best year of sales in 2011 (45% sales gain equating to roughly $8.91 billion by June), partly due to the success of Microsoft’s Kinect peripheral (motion sensing camera technology).

On the subject, Wedbush Securities Inc. analyst Michael Pachter said, ““They’re still selling a lot of Xbox 360, and they’re making money. I don’t think the world needs them to put a new console out just because we’re bored.” Pachter expects Microsoft, a company that has been estimated to make $115 profit on each Xbox 360 console sold, to release the next version of their Xbox console at the end of 2013 or beginning of 2014.

Many are also speculating that the company may show the 360′s successor at E3 next June (2013) with a release of the system coming later that same year.

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