Mar 15, 2012

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RUMOR: Anonymous “Industry Source” Claims Elder Scrolls MMO Reveal in May

RUMOR: Anonymous “Industry Source” Claims Elder Scrolls MMO Reveal in May

Multiplayer options have been conspicuously absent in the Elder Scrolls franchise, owing to Bethesda Softwork’s vision of the ultimate single-player role-playing experience. If a new report from Tom’s Guide is to be believed, Bethesda’s longstanding relationship with multiplayer could change very soon. According to Tom’s Guide, no less than three industry sources have corroborated on a report that Elder Scrolls Online, an MMORPG based in the Elder Scrolls universe, is in development. The report further details that the game could be revealed at E3 2012 and will likely make another appearance at QuakeCon in August alongside DOOM 4.

While information about the rumored game’s story and setting are scarce, the report pegs Elder Scrolls Online as taking place 1,000 years before the events of Skyrim, during Tamriel’s Second Era. Sources believe that three player factions will also be available, including groups centered around imagery of a lion, a dragon, and some bird of prey.

Job postings for ZeniMax Online Studios have confirmed that an MMO has been in production for some time, but until now, no hints of the related IP have surfaced. If these reports are true, gamers should prepare to lose much more than a few hours to the latest Elder Scrolls experience.

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