Mar 10, 2012

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Bastion’s Sound Was Made In Closet

Bastion’s Sound Was Made In Closet

This past GDC, one of the development staff for Bastion discussed the design of the music and audio for the game. That man, Darren Korb had some rather interesting things say about the process of making the sound for that game.

Korb was just an ordinary musician. But he had been friends with c0-founder of Supergiant Games Amir Rao, whom had asked him to be a part of the development for Bastion. Korb couldn’t refuse.

He worked around the idea of a gritty fantasy setting that basically set the overall tone of Bastion.

“I actually took those ideas of gritty frontier fantasy, and made sound effects to reflect that tone. … Before there was any art in the game, there was music.”

Essentially, levels were designed around the sound of his music.

Most of the work for the game was done from his apartment in New York, working remotely. The rest of the Supergiant Games’ team was in California working on the game.

Not only did Korb work on the music for the game, but he also helped direct the awesome narration that went into the game. But instead of a private sound booth, the man had to use one of his closets in his apartment to get the job done. Imagine doing 3000 lines in a small enclosed closet.

A lot of sound effects were also made in that closet, many of which were create with the Korb’s very own mouth.

Korb stated that the sound overall was a success because he got involved with the development process early. By playing to his strengths and using what he had as guidelines, he said that it wasn’t bad for sounds coming out of a closet. I say he did just fine.

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