Mar 8, 2012

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Persona 5 Soundtrack Possibly Unleashed?

Persona 5 Soundtrack Possibly Unleashed?

It appears that since the beginning of this month, a Youtube user under the name of ATLUSxP5 has been uploading the soundtrack to Persona 5. What makes this interesting is the fact that Atlus has not announced anything related to Persona 5.

A few other details, as pointed out by our source, are the fact that the tracks nearly identical to others, the accompanying artwork is of copyrighted material that doesn’t even belong to Atlus, and the inclusion of the words “fan selection” on it. An example of the artwork fact is one track is titled “THEME OF MARIE”. The image used is of the character Nana from the anime and manga NANA.

YouTube Preview Image

The 52 tracks in the playlist show that whoever is behind this has put forth a lot of effort. I just hope that others won’t take this playlist as official. I admit that my hopes were raised even more when I first found out about these songs. With the current titles set to be released in the Persona universe this year, I have to think that any news for Persona 5 will be announced later on towards the end of the year, if not later.

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