Mar 8, 2012

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Music Unlimited Now Available for Vita

Music Unlimited Now Available for Vita

Sony Entertainment Network’s premier music streaming service Music Unlimited is now available as an app for PlayStation Vita. Detailed this morning on the PlayStation Blog, Music Unlimited will (much like its console counterpart) allow users to stream upwards of 15 million songs to the device. Users can also download songs to the system for offline play. Sounds promising, but as with all great electronic services, Music Unlimited comes with a cost.

In order to play music and download tracks, you’ll need to pay for one of two subscription options. The Basic package, which costs $3.99 for recurring 30-day periods, allows you to browse and play most of the tracks (minus several from certain indie labels). Furthermore, you won’t be able to access certain premium Channels and editorial playlists with a Basic subscription, nor can you create your own. These features are exclusive to the Premium subscription, which runs for $9.99 per 30-day period. The latter matches up to what a 30-day period costs on competing service Spotify.

Right now, a free 30-day Premium trial is available for new users. Let us know if you plan to add Sony’s streaming service to your Vita, and what you think of music streaming in general, in the comments below.