Mar 7, 2012

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iPad HD Rumored To Be Unveiled Today In Place Of iPad 3

iPad HD Rumored To Be Unveiled Today In Place Of iPad 3

With Apple’s 1:00 EST conference looming, rumors are beginning to surface at  a rapid, unintelligible pace.  Many industry analysts and outlets are beginning to land on different details and theories with some claiming the announcement of the iPad 3 and others claiming an small HD upgrade to the existing iPad.

According to The Verge, venturebeat, and Gizmodo, the rumored iPad HD has Apple not pulling the trigger on the iPad 3 and instead having the next iteration of the iPad boasting Apple’s Retina Display(2,048 x 1,536 pixels) as well as an upgraded version of the machine’s current dual-core A5 chip (in place of the originally rumored quad-core A6 chip). The iPad HD is also said to have more RAM than its predecessor, the iPad 2, and is rumored to have access to 4G LTE networks.

Other rumors that have been swirling today have Apple unveiling a new build of their Apple TV device, the inclusion of Siri in the next iPad, and a new version of iOS software. There are also rumors of of a 7.1 inch iPad, resembling the form of the Kindle Fire.

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