Mar 7, 2012

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GTA: Vice City Nights and Final Fantasy Type-0 Leaked for Vita

GTA: Vice City Nights and Final Fantasy Type-0 Leaked for Vita

Sony won’t be announcing any new Vita titles until its live webcast in Japan this Friday, but it seems that European retailer may have outed a few of the company’s trump cards a bit early. A screengrab of four Vita game listings has been circulating the Internet. These listings include Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Nights, Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, Tales of Innocence R, and Monster Hunter Portable 3.

If these titles are indeed coming to PlayStation Vita in the West, they would be a boon for sales and would help provide much-needed catalog depth toward the end of 2012 and early 2013. Still, with no official comment yet from any of the publishers or developers, this news should be taken with a grain of salt. Most of the listings have since been removed from’s website, but Monster Hunter Portable 3┬ástill remains. Rumors of a forthcoming Monster Hunter game on Vita have been swirling for some time, so it stands to reason that a port of the most recent PS3 installment (Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD) might be that game. Tales of Innocence R is another strong possibility, given that the game is already available in Japan. Furthermore, localization of Final Fantasy Type-0 has been underway for some time, and the game was seen running on Vita hardware last year when Square Enix confirmed that the second analog stick ups playability for the title.

On the other hand, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Nights is a bit of a wild card in this lineup. Rockstar has rarely endeavored to develop two Grand Theft Auto titles concurrently, and we know they’ve already got their hands full with both Max Payne 3 and Grand Theft Auto V. Still, a history of portable love for the franchise and the sheer number of studios under the Rockstar moniker makes Vice City Nights a hopeful possibility.

Sound off in the comments with your thoughts on this rumor. Are you excited to hear that more JRPGs are coming to Vita?

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