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Mar 7, 2012

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Apple Increases Cellular Data Downloads To 50MB

Previously, if you had an iOS app or update larger than 20MB, your device would prompt you to try again when you were connected to a WiFi network, or to your computer.

Now, perhaps with the revelation of the new iPad LTE, Apple has increased that to 50MB, meaning you can happily download anything up to the 50MB cap, a significant jump from the previous 20MB.

This means developers will be less restrained in their apps and updates, as will their consumers; it also makes the LTE version of the new iPad more attractive to some buyers.

The current change is now in effect, so download away.

This news is especially interesting when you consider that the Vita is capped to 20MB downloads over 3G.

[Source: AppAdvice, via Touch Arcade]

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