Mar 7, 2012

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Apple Backs Up New iPad With Updated Apps, iPhoto

Apple Backs Up New iPad With Updated Apps, iPhoto

Along with the revelation of the new iPad, Apple has updated some of its core apps. For example, Safari and other apps have been updated to take advantage of the retina display, iWork has been updated, and GarageBand has a new update that enables up to four iOS devices running the app to play together in order to create a song over WiFi or Bluetooth. If you don’t already own GarageBand, you can get it for $4.99.

iMovie for iPad also updated, allowing you to create movie trailers like you can on the Mac. Additionally, the big highlight of this portion of the show was iPhoto for iPad, a full-service editing suite for your photos that allows you to edit and share them, all from your iPad (or iPhone). Editing changes aren’t destructive, so you can always undo something if you don’t like it. And in addition to the traditional sharing modes (facebook, email, twitter), there’s also a new “journal” option that lets you make a photo collage, and integration with iCloud means you can send a link to your friends and family viewable in any web browser.

iPhoto and iMovie are $4.99 each, and will be available today in the app store.