Mar 6, 2012

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Paradox Intertactive Announces Three New Titles

Paradox Intertactive Announces Three New Titles

Paradox Interactive, a developer and publisher based out of Sweden, announced today that they will be publishing three new titles. One of those games would be coming from Arrowhead Game Studios, makers of Magicka.

The new game from Arrowhead will be called The Showdown Effect. It will be an online multiplayer game, battling each other until one gives up the ghost. There will be a customization element to the game as well, with infinite possibilities, as described by Arrowhead. It will be a sidescroller set in Neo Tokyo. No release date has been set for the game as of yet.

Another game announced today by Paradox include Dungeonland, by Critical Studio is also a multiplayer game. The game will be four players, three of which are get stuck in fantasy theme park. The fourth player must find ways to kill the other players by setting up traps and monsters.

The third game that was announced today is a title called RED Frontier. It is made by Zeal Game Studios and is supposed to be a competitive RTS game. It will take place in a futuristic setting and when players die, they will respawn instantly.

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