Mar 3, 2012

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Apple Passes 25 Billion App Store Downloads

Apple Passes 25 Billion App Store Downloads

Apple’s iTunes store has just announced that they’ve surpassed 25 billion downloads. That’s a whopping 10 billion more from the numbers released last July. Since then, Apple has been averaging 1.4 billion downloads per month. Similar to when they hit their 10 billion and 1 billion marks, Apple is gifting the lucky person who helped them pass the milestone with a $10k gift card. To put the numbers in perspective, 25 billion apps downloaded come down to an average of three for every person on earth!

According to recent figures by Aysmco, Apple has sold an estimated 10 million mobile devices as of the end of 2011, which comes down to about 61 apps per device. Further numbers fromĀ AppleInsider have shown that Apple has paid developers more than $4 billion and offers about 600,000 apps within it’s store. With the announcement of the iPad 3 incoming as well as the (likely) iPhone 5 releasing this summer, the numbers are looking to continue to grow throughout 2012.

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