Mar 1, 2012

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Wizorb Coming to Steam March 14

Wizorb Coming to Steam March 14

Tribute Games Arkanoid and Breakout like game, Wizorb, is finally making it’s way to Steam on March 14. Originally released for the Xbox LIVE Indie Games service, Wizorb has since been ported to Windows, Mac, and Linux. Recently, it was even featured as an Indievania launch title. The Steam version looks to retain everything that was loved from the original release and will include unlockable achievements as a bonus.

Wizorb is quite similar to Arkanoid in that you must reflect your orb upwards to clear the blocks (and sometimes enemies) to advance. You control a Wizard who must earn money to rebuild a devastated town by collecting coins upon clearing the Arkanoid style levels. The overworld is similar to that of many 16-bit RPGs from the 90s and plays out as one would assume with interactions with citizens and quests to fulfill. Going through the game you’ll find 5 different stages, boss battles, different spells to cast, and an overall charm that is far greater then many full arcade releases on XBLA.

Check out Wizorb through Xbox LIVE Indie Games for 240 pts ($3), Windows, Mac, and Linux. Wizorb is also available for purchase through Desura, GamersGate, Gameolith, and through Tribute themselves.

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