Mar 1, 2012

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Roccat Reveals New Savu Hybrid Gaming Mouse

Roccat Reveals New Savu Hybrid Gaming Mouse

Need a new mouse to shoot krogans with? Maybe raid a few dungeons or take down some baddies? Look no further than the brand new Savu hybrid gaming mouse.

Roccat’s new Savu gaming mouse not only comes with a braided cable and cool multi-colored lighting, but also is the first gaming mouse to include a trophy system that rewards you for accomplishing gaming feats such as clicking the right mouse button a certain number of times. This mouse also has a 4,000 DPI optical sensor and some of the company’s usual features such as Easy-Shift Plus and a soft touch surface.

This “super” mouse will be available in May, however no price has been specified yet.

[Source: Engadget]