Mar 1, 2012

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Hydrophobia Developer Entering Administration

Hydrophobia Developer Entering Administration

Eurogamer reports that Hydrophobia developer Dark Energy Digital is entering administration. The site reports that that the company is in bad shape and that the majority of the staff hasn’t been paid in three months.

Since the release of Hydrophobia Prophecy on PC and PSN, the company has been relatively quiet until now. Recently, an anonymous source told Eurogamer that the company was in some kind of financial crisis:

We believe DED will close down. The failure of Hydrophobia is probably key to the financial troubles of the company. I believe the company has considerable debt and investors were put off by this debt.

The source even goes on to say that the company’s latest project has already gone to a new company called Dark Energy Publishing.

Several Dark Energy employees have since told Eurogamer that this “source” doesn’t represent the current employees of the company and that they are “outraged at being falsely represented by this anonymous cowardly trouble maker.”

[Source: Game Politics]