Feb 29, 2012

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Nintendo Stops Binding of Isaac From Coming to 3DS eShop

Nintendo Stops Binding of Isaac From Coming to 3DS eShop

Sadly, Edmund McMillen (of Super Meat Boy fame) has announced that his roguelike adventure game The Binding of Isaac will no longer make it’s way to Nintendo’s 3DS eShop. McMillen announced via twitter yesterday that, “After a long internal debate Nintendo has decided NOT to allow the Binding of Isaac on the 3DS :(,” later adding, “As many assumed, the reasons were due to the questionable religious content. Thank GOD Steam exists!”

This news isn’t entirely surprising given the disturbing look and origin of The Binding of Isaac. Based on the disturbing story of the same name, the game casts you as the child Isaac who is forced to fight through a twisted basement against all sorts of macabre creatures upon the revelation that his mother has received orders from God to offer him as a sacrifice. Then again, Nintendo has allowed other “controversial” content to appear on the 3DS library so their decision to block McMillen’s Binding of Isaac can be viewed as being hypocritical.

What’s your take on the entire situation? Personally I would have loved the chance to enjoy The Binding of Isaac on the go or with an XBLA/PSN port and am saddened at the situation, but can understand why Nintendo blocked it from the eShop. Either way, if you’ve yet to experience this incredible game, download it now for only $5 here.

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