Feb 29, 2012

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AT&T Gets New Sony Tablet March 4th

AT&T Gets New Sony Tablet March 4th

Sony released the Sony Tablet P in the UK a few months ago, but in a few days, its dual-screened tablet will also be available here in the US.

The Sony Tablet P is one of Sony’s latest tablets that features dual screens, much like Kyrocera’s Echo phone released last year. The 5.5 inch screens fold together much like a laptop, and feature Sony’s TrueBlack Display, which controls the refraction of light between the LCD and the screen to bring out the brightest colors possible. Much like Sony’s other tablets, Tablet P gives you access to Sony’s Video and Music Unlimited and allows you to access Android’s app store. Tablet P is also Playstation Certified, so you can play all your favorite PS1 games and even download more online.¬†All running off Android’s Honeycomb OS.

Tablet P will cost $400 with a contract and $550 if you get it without one. It will be available at your nearest AT&T store March 4th.

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