Feb 28, 2012

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Free Trials of Select IGF 2012 Nominees Through OnLive Facebook

Free Trials of Select IGF 2012 Nominees Through OnLive Facebook

Cloud gaming company OnLive announced yesterday that they’ve partnered with the Independent Games Festival for a two-week online event.  From February 27 through March 11, OnLive users across the U.S. and UK can play 16 of the current IGF 2012 nominees and honorable mentions through the company’s game-streaming service on PC, Mac, television, and mobile devices.  Each of the 16 games are available as 30-minute free trials through OnLive’s Facebook page, allowing users to check out many of the titles in this year’s lineup.

The 16 titles available are:

  1. Atom Zombie Smasher
  2. Be Good
  3. Botanicula
  4. Dear Esther
  5. Dustforce
  6. English Country Tune
  7. Frozen Synapse
  8. FTL
  9. Lume
  10. Nitronic Rush
  11. Once Upon a Spacetime
  12. POP
  13. SpaceChem
  14. To The Moon
  15. Toren
  16. Way
“Liking” OnLive and “Liking” your favorites from the list above not only helps spread the word about each title, but also enters you into a contest for the chance to win an OnLive prize pack.  The promotion will end March 11 and the picks with the most “Likes” as well as most game sessions played will be tallied and announced the following day. In addition, starting March 5th, OnLive will also be placing previously honored IGF games on sale for 75% off, with instant free demos available for all.
The 2012 Independent Games Festival will take place alongside this year’s Game Developers Conference from March 5 through March 9 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco.  For more information on the 14th annual Independent Games Festival, visit the website here.

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