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Feb 27, 2012

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PS2 RPGs That Should Be on PSN

I just recently got my PS3 this past Christmas and was entirely new to PSN. When I learned that Sony was putting out old PS2 classics, I was completely ecstatic at the thought of playing my old favorites. Unfortunately, There aren’t that many great RPGs in that PS2 classics menu on PSN, and this should be changed immediately. So, I figured why not give Sony a hand and give them a list of amazing RPGs that were on the PS2 so they can hurry up and get them in PSN as soon as possible.


The Xenosaga Trilogy

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The first Xenosaga game was released in 2003 and was highly acclaimed for its fully developed characters and compelling story. I remember playing this game at a young age, and every night I stayed up and played it until the sun came up. The second game in the series wasn’t as great as the first and also failed in the voice-acting department since most of the voice actors were replaced. For me, the game was a little forgettable, but the story still had me compelled to continue on. The third and final installment was a huge improvement over the second game and is my personal favorite in the series. The music definitely had me enthralled and the gameplay was simple yet exciting. At the very least, I would love it if the third Xenosaga game was released on PSN.


Kingdom Hearts 1 & 2

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Kingdom Hearts was the sole reason I wanted a PS2 in the first place. I’m actually surprised this game hasn’t at least gotten an HD release yet. Kingdom Hearts not only gracefully mixed Disney and Square Enix elements but also has a very interesting story and mysterious characters. Kingdom Hearts 2 only enhanced that experience with more Disney worlds to explore and improved gameplay. With Kingdom Hearts 3 somewhere in the depths of the offices of Square Enix, it would be smart to release HD versions of these game to get fans pumped for the much anticipated sequel.


Star Ocean: Till the End of Time

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This is probably my favorite on the list. Star Ocean took me the moment I put it in my PS2. The gameplay was nearly flawless and the story had me double guessing myself till the very end. I really liked how the game implemented item synthesis and how it rewarded you with battle trophies. I loved each and every one of the many characters introduced, and the graphics were great. Out of all the games on the list, this is the game I want the most on PSN.


Wild Arms 3 & 4

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These games both wowed me each in their own way. Wild Arms 3 had unforgettable music; I still listen to the opening theme every now and then. The story was also compelling and epic. Wild Arms 4 introduced the Hex battle system, which added some strategic elements to the battles. I loved this system and really loved how they took the Wild West theme from the previous games and brought a futuristic feel to it. Wild Arms 5 was also released on PS2, but this sequel didn’t capture me as well as the previous games. The story was slow and uninteresting and the new elements they added to the Hex system made it feel bland and boring.

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