Feb 27, 2012

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Journey Dev Looking to Create Games for Other Platforms

Journey Dev Looking to Create Games for Other Platforms

In an interview with PushSquare, co-founder of ThatGameCompany (creators of Flow, Flower and Journey) said the studio hopes to explore creating games for other devices and platforms outside of the PS3. The studio had a three game contract with Sony, which they greatly benefited from.

“Thatgamecompany had a three game contract with Sony,” said Chen to PushSquare.  “So the past three games had to be Sony exclusive. Right now we are very much exploring ways to bring our games to a bigger audience, beyond just PlayStation. We are still in the process of negotiating, but I hope that we can announce it soon, but right now it’s still in the process.”

Chen later mentioned that Sony actually owns all three titles and it will be up to them whether or not we’ll see those titles on other platforms going forward. What that means is if you want to see those games on steam or iOS you’ll have to lobby to Sony and not the studio.

While the future of the studio ThatGameCompany is uncertain, they are really excited (as am I) for their upcoming title Journey, and they’ll keep us posted as soon as they figure everything out.

“As for what we’ll work on next, we aren’t going to announce what will happen until we announce it, so you’ll just have to play the waiting game. We are very excited about this new game, just like with flOw, Flower, and Journey.”

As much as I think exclusive titles are very important for the gaming industry, it will be great if the studio could create an iOS, 3DS, PS Vita or XBLA title.

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