Feb 27, 2012

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Android Devices Hits Staggering Number

Android Devices Hits Staggering Number

Mobile World Congress is today, and with that comes the news of cellphones and all sort’s of other devices that use mobile networks. It was announced that Android is now on 300 million devices. 12 million of those devices are tablets.

Some other notes are that there are more than 450,000 apps in the Android Market, with over 1 billion downloads a month.

“These numbers are a testament to the break-neck speed of innovation that defines the Android ecosystem,” said Andy Rubin, Google SVP.

Also to note that the while Android has a large number of devices, more than 800 individual or so, an issue facing Android is the fragmentation of the OS where only a small handful of the devices are running the latest version. Developers for Android have to be careful which devices they develop for, as there are a variety of different hardware specs and driver requirements.

[Source: Google Mobile Blog]