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Feb 25, 2012

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Pokémon Black and White 2 Announced

One of the founding fathers of Game Freak, Junichi Masuda, just announced two new Pokémon games Saturday morning during a Japanese Pokémon show called Pokémon Smash.

While many fans thought Game Freak was going to release a Pokémon Gray, They instead announce that Pokémon White 2 and Pokémon Black 2 will be coming to the Nintendo DS. Masuda has teased that next week we will learn of the new legendary Pokemon associated with the games.

Pokémon Black and White 2 will be released in Japan this June with no news of a western release just yet.

I find it interesting that they aren’t releasing the new titles on the 3DS. What do you guys think about Black and White 2 announcement? Tell us in the comments below.

[Source: Game Informer]

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