Feb 23, 2012

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Support For Terraria Coming To An End?

Support For Terraria Coming To An End?

You know that game that is basically a 2-D Minecraft? Well it appears that support for the game may be ending.

In a statement given out on the Terraria forums “Redigit” said that he would be stepping back in order to be closer to family.

“After a lot of internal debate, we have decided that it is time to move on. My wife and I are due to have another boy soon, and I want to spend some time getting to know him. I also want to spend the time recharging and bettering myself as both a programmer and game designer. I have learned a lot from working on Terraria and plan on using what I’ve learned, building upon it, and moving forward with another, even better project.”

It isn’t entirely clear if support will end for sure, but Gaslamp Games has expressed interest in continuing support for the game over Twitter. Whether this happens remains to be seen.

[Source: IndieGames]