Feb 23, 2012

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Sony Rumored To Be Working On Kinect-Like Device

Sony Rumored To Be Working On Kinect-Like Device

A new patent filed by Sony designer Richard Marks (of Playstation Move fame) has revealed Sony’s interest in exploring full-body motion control, similar to Microsoft’s Kinect. The patent suggests that the new Sony invention references previous EyeToy patents and is focused on a “user-driven three-dimensional interactive gaming environment.” The device is said to feed into a Playstation 3 console while scanning the player and room, creating a playable area.

The patent also states that the new device is “an invention [providing] for affording a real-time three-dimensional interactive environment using a depth sensing device.” The invention includes “obtaining depth values indicating distances from one or more physical objects in a physical scene to a depth sensing device.”

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[Source: Industry Gamers]