Feb 22, 2012

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Jack Tretton Happy; PlayStation Vita First Edition Bundles A Hit

Jack Tretton Happy; PlayStation Vita First Edition Bundles A Hit

So, you got a PlayStation Vita today? Have you heard the news surrounding it? No? Well it appears that there is some positive news about Sony’s new baby.

Jack Tretton, Sony America CEO and President, was quite pleased with the sales on the first day. He didn’t go into specific details, but he did mention that memory cards are flying off of shelves, even though they are not attached to any presale bundles. He also addressed software sales, stating that they were selling quite well. He seemed to indicate that Uncharted was the clear winner of all the Vita software launch titles.

In addition to all that good news, Sony stated that all the PlayStation Vita First Edition bundles had sold out. Sony wouldn’t go into detail about the adoption of the 3G version, but they indicated that they were rather encouraged by the sales of the First Edition Bundle. According to Vice President of Brand Marketing, Guy Longworth:

“We wouldn’t disclose that at this stage. We’re in the very early stages of launch. But we’re very encouraged by the reaction we’ve had with people looking at the 3G version. I think they realize by taking 3G, it means you can basically play wherever you want to, whenever you want to, and be connected the whole time. And not just through the games but also to your social media with the apps we have like Facebook and Twitter. Consumers are going to look at that and realize that it’s something that makes a lot of sense to have now, and also for the future. I think it really future-proofs them in terms of some of the things that will come down the line in terms of gaming experiences that will be possible through 3G, to be able to play online with your friends. We think gamers are understanding that, but we’ll wait and see what happens.”

Stay tuned to Vivid Gamer over the next few days as several members of our staff got Vitas today and will be wowing you with reviews of the hardware and software, so you can decide whether it’s worth waiting or not. And don’t forget, you can enter to win your very own vita right here.

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