Feb 21, 2012

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15 Must-Play XBLA Games

15 Must-Play XBLA Games

Xbox LIVE Arcade games have been around since the launch of the Xbox 360 back in December 2004.  Initially seen as bite-sized mini games or a platform for older releases, XBLA has grown to the point where many of the titles are good enough for retail.  Developers that may have struggled in the retail market have instead poured their resources into creating high-quality arcade titles.  Double Fine Productions and The Behemoth are two prime examples that have flourished since making the transition to releasing arcade titles, and nowadays more and more developers are following the trend.

With close to 500 different XBLA games released in the last 7+ years, it’s obviously going to be hard to compile a list of only 15 “must-play” titles.  Instead of ranking them based on my own opinion, I’m going to organize the games based on their metascores.  I’ve chosen to omit re-releases and HD remakes like Banjo Kazooie and Beyond Good & Evil HD so as to focus more on games released for the platform itself.  With some of these games being ported to other platforms, I’ve decided to include all games that are “must-play” and not limit this list to XBLA exclusives.  Furthermore, I’ve tried to include a related title or two per pick so there’s more then enough to choose from.

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