Feb 18, 2012

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Secondary Markets Hitting Jackpot With Skylanders Figurines

Secondary Markets Hitting Jackpot With Skylanders Figurines

If you’ve purchased the Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure game with three figurines included, then chances are that you have been hunting for any and all of the extra figurines released to expand on the player’s experience with the title. Taking a quick trip to your local game shop likely netted you with one of two options: Either empty shelves and crying children or the ones that you already own still waiting to be purchased by someone.

As mentioned by Andrew Reiner from Game Informer, the gold and silver variants of the Skylanders figurines are rare and in high demand. A prime example is this eBay listing for six of the rare gold and silver figurines. Currently the highest bid is at $952 with 32 bids being placed. Yes, you saw right. The current high bidder is willing to pay roughly $160 a piece for this figurines.

Personally, I hate to pay more than retail for video game figurines as all they would do is sit on my desk. But considering the second, and more important, feature is the ability to unlock a new character and more of the game, I can see why some wouldn’t mind paying a little extra. It’s just a shame to see frantic parents, who are under the impression that they will only need to pay MSRP for the characters their kids want or need, having so much trouble finding them in stores. Yet, there are some clever people purchasing the figurines as soon as they hit shelves and listing them on sites such as eBay in hopes to make a killing off the items. And that is exactly what happens. Frazzled gamers looking to get a figurine they’re missing place top dollar bids for it, knowing that it is their best option.

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