Feb 16, 2012

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Just Dance propels Ubisoft to $852M Q3 revenues

Just Dance propels Ubisoft to $852M Q3 revenues

Ubisoft recently announced that more than 13 million shipped copies of Just Dance 3 and other dancing titles have helped boost their third quarter figures and revenue. The numbers are higher than what was forecasted back in November but are right on track for the revision made several weeks ago due to strong holiday sales. Ubisoft gives credit to the Just Dance series reaching these figures.

The dance game category of Ubisoft’s had increased sales by 30 percent. This is driven by the 7 million units sold worldwide of the latest entry in the category: Just Dance 3. Currently, the sales figures are at $852 million which is slightly more than the revised forecast of $849 million. Ubisoft states that it made up almost 70 percent of the worldwide marketshare of dancing titles and is expanding into Europe and Asia with its popularity.

But it’s not just thanks to strong sales of the Just Dance series that helped bolster revenue for the publisher. Reports that solid sales of Assassin’s Creed: Revelations bumped the figures for that title to over what was forecast. The latest in the Assassin’s Creed franchise saw over 7 million units shipped to distributors.

It is also noted that sales from its digitally distributed  and online titles have seen an 159 percent increase in the third quarter.

Ubisoft expects sales for the fourth quarter to reach only $196 to 235 million to reflect fewer title releases as compared to this time period last year. Full year predictions are at $1.37 to 1.41 billion in in sales and operating income to reach $59 to 85 million. Ubisoft CEO, Yves Guillemont commented:

“In fiscal 2012-13, we will start to capitalize on the large-scale investments we have undertaken more than three years ago, with the ramp-up of our offering for core gamers and notably a strong comeback into the major segment of shooter games.”

“We also expect to see sustained growth in our online and digital revenue during the year. In the longer term we have solid opportunities for continued growth and profitability thanks to the arrival of the new generation of consoles and our plans to extend to all our titles the benefits and economic models of online games.”

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