Feb 16, 2012

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Hulu Plus Finally Available on Wii, Hitting 3DS Later This Year

Hulu Plus Finally Available on Wii, Hitting 3DS Later This Year

Hulu Plus has been available on 360 and PS3 for some time now, and today Nintendo revealed the tv-watching service is finally arriving on Wii. You will also soon be able to watch all your favorite shows on your 3DS, as the service will be available alongside Netflix, on the handheld sometime “later this year,” according to today’s press release.

Tony Elison, Nintendo of America’s senior director and general manager of Network Business commented on the addition:

“Wii offers the most entertainment fun for everyone in the family, with an impressive selection of streaming movies and TV shows in addition to an unparalleled lineup of games that can’t be played anywhere else. The Wii console is the hub of the living room, and with the addition of Hulu Plus, millions of households now have even more options for streaming premium TV shows and movies.”

To get Hulu Plus on your Wii, you’ll need a broadband connection and a download of the free application from the Wii Shop. Within the first month the service is available on Wii, if you’re not a current Hulu Plus subscriber, you’ll have two free trial weeks before you’ll need to pay the $7.99/month to continue accessing the service.

This is good news for those whose only home console is a Wii and want the ability to watch TV shows whenever they want on their TV. The 3DS option seems a little less appealing to me, especially if you have a smartphone, but it’s still nice to see Nintendo continuing to expand into the 21st century.

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