Feb 14, 2012

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Top 5 Video Game Love Triangles

Top 5 Video Game Love Triangles


3. FeMC/Shinjiro Aragaki/Akihiko Sanada

(Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 Portable)

With the Persona series, there are a lot of choices to use when picking a love triangle. Maya/Tatsuya/Katsuya from Persona 2 is one option, and truly, any combination of romanceable social links in Persona 3 and Persona 4 would work. However, I wanted to choose my personal favorite: FeMC/Shinjiro Aragaki/Akihiko Sanada. If you read Rebecca’s list of Top 5 Bromances, you know that Shinji and Aki are a prime example of a bromance. When the female main character begins a friendship (and later romance) with the friends, the guys treat her in a way fitting of their personalities. Aki is shy and really unaware of how to be in a relationship. Shinji acts gruff and tries to not let anyone see his soft side (he enjoys cooking and worrying about the others). I know if I was the female character, the decision of which one to go for would be tough. While I am a huge Shinjiro fan, the fact that the length of the relationship with him is cut short by his death really makes me think that Aki would be great in mending the broken heart of his best friend’s girl.


2. Vincent Brooks/Catherine/Katherine


Love him or hate him, Vincent Brooks has gone through a nightmarish week thanks to a chance encounter with the young beautiful Catherine. Usually meeting a pretty young thing is great for a man, but Vincent has a girlfriend already. Not to mention that she’s believes she’s pregnant. Both women have things going for them and against. Katherine has been with Vincent for a significant time, to the point she knows how he likes his drink. However, she begins to nag him about marriage after seeing happily married friends. Catherine is young and impressed in Vincent, who is a bit of an average joe. But her possessive streak really shines through when the two women meet for the first time. Poor Vincent has trouble in choosing which one he wants, though I have to say that his choices throughout the game were not ones I approved of.


1. Mario/Princess Peach/Bowser

(Super Mario Bros series)

One of the first love triangles to ever appear in a video game is the heroic effort of Mario rescuing the Princess Peach from the dominating Bowser. While it is not officially stated if Bowser kidnaps Peach in hopes to woo her, there can only be so many reasons why a towering villain would go through the trouble to kidnap the same woman over and over again. He leaves no ransom notes nor does he even seem to harm her. Poor Bowser, however, has to realize that it’s not meant to be, and that Peach and Mario do make the better-looking couple. Mario has proven that he loves her time after time by traveling throughout the Mushroom Kingdom and defeating foes just to find her.