Feb 14, 2012

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Top 5 Video Game Love Triangles

Top 5 Video Game Love Triangles

Love is in the air with Valentine’s Day here. Sometimes, the love can be so much that love triangles can form. This even occurs within video games, where romance can bloom among party members. Normally the main person in the triangle will choose which one of the others that (s)he is truly in love with. Unlike real life, the one left standing on the outside doesn’t go into a fit of rage with promises of property damage or slander. Sure, one of the rejected characters on my list is very persistent in pleading his case, or so it seems.

In the spirit of a holiday which is celebrated by happy couples and scorned by lonely singles, I present a list of the top-five love triangles you can find in your favorite video games. Do you feel like I didn’t list one of your favorites? Feel free to comment below with who you think should have be included.


5. Nathan Drake/Elena Fisher/Chloe Frazer

(Uncharted Series)

Most PlayStation 3 owners have played at least one title within the Uncharted series. Likewise, male gamers have envied the two women that Nathan Drake has wooed during his adventures, and female gamers wished they could have been romanced by the adventurer themselves. From the first game is Elena Fisher, a blonde journalist who is wary of Nathan at first, but then warms up to him. Though there are feelings between the two, Nathan leaves Elena. When they meet up again, Elena is introduced to Chloe, who also has had a relationship with Nathan. Tension is high between the two, though they become good friends by the end of the second game.


4. Trip/Monkey/Pigsy

(Enslaved: Odyssey to the West)

Some love triangles start with a girl and guy falling for each other and then having a third party enter into the mix with the intention of claiming the one they have feelings for. The relationship between Monkey and Trip is strained, to say the least. In the beginning of Enslaved, Trip manages to place an electronic headband rewired to cause intense pain (and even death) to Monkey if he doesn’t obey her commands. As time goes on and each becomes more comfortable with one another, their relationship begins to grow. When Pigsy enters the scene, he questions Monkey on the status of his relationship with Trip. It would appear that Pigsy, an old family friend of Trip, has feelings for the young intelligent female. If you have seen images of both males, I’m sure Monkey would win the poll of who Trip should pick.