Feb 14, 2012

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The Tiny Bang Story Blasts onto iPad

The Tiny Bang Story Blasts onto iPad

A certain Tiny Planet is finding a new home on the iOS. Colibri Games’ The Tiny Bang Story, a point and click adventure that takes place after a meteor causes the world to crumble into fragments, is piecing itself back together on the iPad. The Tiny Bang Story makes good use of the iPad’s touch screen interface with its touch-based interactive puzzles, seeming right at home on the device.

With its gorgeous environments, quirky setting, and whimsical soundtrack (which is available as a free download), The Tiny Bang Story is an aesthetic treat. While light on story, The Tiny Bang Story is not exactly a casual puzzle game. The puzzles, which focus heavily on finding and using hidden objects, can be difficult. The player slowly rebuilds Tiny Planet by collecting jigsaw pieces and completing puzzles to progress and aid residents.

The puzzle-curious can pick up the demo here, and the full version can be picked up for $2.99 from the iTunes store. The PC version is available on steam for those more comfortable combing over Tiny Planet with a mouse rather than their stylus.