Feb 14, 2012

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Resistance: Burning Skies Arrives on May 29

Resistance: Burning Skies Arrives on May 29

Resistance: Burning Skies is one of the PlayStation Vita’s most hotly-anticipated titles. As the world’s first twin-stick handheld first-person shooter, Burning Skies should provide much needed Chimera-killing action for series fans and shooter junkies alike. While PlayStation Vita officially launches on February 22, this mid-quel won’t hit stores until later this year. Thankfully, it’s only a three-month wait. The official PlayStation Blog revealed earlier this week that Resistance: Burning Skies will launch on May 29 in the United States. The game’s box art was also revealed (shown above), and the blog had this to say on the game:

Resistance: Burning Skies pulls you into an entirely new dimension of the Resistance universe. Set in a tale of survival during the August 1951 Chimeran invasion of the East Coast, you take control of Tom Riley, an everyday firefighter from New Jersey who is thrown headfirst into the teeth of the Chimeran war machine, forcing him to redefine his notions of duty and heroism . . . As most of you know, this is going to be the first ever dual-analog FPS game on a portable device, and has been built from the ground-up to take full advantage of the power of the PS Vita, including front and rear touchscreen controls. The touchscreen controls add a whole new dimension to the gameplay, delivering a powerful portable shooter experience. Never thought you’d play a console-quality shooter on a portable device? Game Director Harley Baldwin White-Wiedow has one thing to tell you: “TWO STICKS, baby!

Sounds exciting, right? Stay tuned to Vivid Gamer for more on Resistance: Burning Skies and sound off in the comments if you can’t wait to get your hands on a portable game console with two analog sticks.